It’s only the greatest trading-town in the Outlands, not counting Sigil, of course. Even the Marketplace Eternal falls short, claim some. It’s also the gate-town to Bytopia.

Tradegate is shaped like a star, with a massive marketplace in the middle neatly paved in tiles of purple and gold. Tradegate combines Bytopia’s love of an honest deal with a hard-nosed Outlandish attitude; it allows traders of all stripes to benefit from Bytopia’s fairness without having to step into an Upper Plane. Unlike most gate-towns, there aren’t a lot of people trying to get Tradegate to slide out of its plane – most think it’s too valuable right where it is. This town is favored by the Free League, and is one of that faction’s largest centers of business. The Merkhant sect likes it just as much, and their members compete with the free Indep merchants with great vigor.

The portal to Bytopia is a living bariaur known as the Master Trader. He seems to know exactly what people who meet with him need and what they can pay; those willing to deal with him mysteriously end up in Bytopia at the end of the transaction. His prices are steep, but fair. The Master Trader may be some sort of godlike, archetypal being empowered by the planes themselves, though he seems normal enough when you talk to him.

It is also the hometown of Rykon of the Artful Garnet. The Artful Garnet can typically be found docked at the Free League shipyards above the Grand Bazaar when not in use.

  • A Player’s Primer to the Outlands
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