The Inqusitive Archivist of the Artful Garnet



Elysanthya, or Ely, began her career as an Archivist working for a wizard’s guild on her homeworld. Her primary task was to research and discover legends about powerful arcane items and report them to the guild. Her primary guild liaison was an elf named Emyrych. Emyrych fascinated Ely with his knack for constructs and magic items. Emyrych’s first token of interest was a pair of glasses that allowed Ely to identify any magical item. Over time the two courted and eventually married. However, it was their shared interests that eventually drove them apart.

Ely had discovered the possible final resting place of The Princess Ark a ship that supposedly once sailed the planes. The legend was that it had crashed somewhere on their world decades ago. Ely saw this as an important archeological discovery as there were very few items of extraplanar culture that had ever been found on their world. Emyrych saw the potential dominance that such a ship could bring to the guild. The guild could spread out to the planes and expand their arcane knowledge. Before Emyrych could discover the location, Ely fled heading into the wilderness.

The Artful Garnet

After weeks of travel, Ely found the hill where the Princess Ark had crashed. She discovered a cave that led into the ship and began exploring. Much to her surprise, she encountered a young blue dragon making its lair on one of the once-exterior decks. Luckily, a band of adventurers was also exploring the ship and heard her scream. They rushed to her aide and slew the dragon. The adventurers wanted to keep the dragon’s head as a trophy which was fine but Ely asked for its body as that had much more use than a head. They introduced themselves and Ely decided it would be best if she was part of an armed group for awhile.

The group at this time consisted of Garrick, Dakon (still an elf), and Sagramor. They had just returned Princess Satura to her home plane and were given the first clue to raising the ship, a reward Satura gave them for helping her. Ely was once again faced with the dilemma of helping someone raise this ship. She finally decided that if the ship could be raised and made to work properly, it would be better to help someone else do it and keep it out of the reach of Emyrych and the guild. She also realized for the first time that this ship could potentially mean she could travel to other worlds. That was a possibility that was too good to resist.

In their attempts to raise the ship, the party traveled to an isolated fishing town called Sandpoint, which had quietly grown into an extraplanar outpost. From here they learned about the history of the town and how it was tied to the original crew of the ship. They also learned of drow incursions into this world through the planar gate at the old church. This was also the time in which they made their first extraplanar trip through the planar gate to recapture an escaped criminal. This led them to Sigil, the City of Doors, a place they would later become very familiar with.

As they began to piece together the clues to raising the ship, Emyrych finally caught up with Ely and demanded they turn the ship over to the guild. The party fought Emyrych and his nimblewright minion and easily overpowered them. Sagramor was ready to kill Emyrych when Ely told him stop, finally confessing that Emyrych was in fact her estranged husband. She told Emyrych to leave them alone and not come looking for her. After the last pieces of the puzzle were found, the party raised the ship and headed back to Sigil to investigate the cause of the drow raids.

Ely travelled with the party on several errands given to them by Rule-of-Three, a githzerai information broker, that would prepare them for an Expedition into the Demonweb Pits to investigate the drow raids. Through the course of these errands the party lost Garrick whose soul had been imprisoned in a gem somewhere on the planes. His place in the party was filled by Rykon, a planar ship captain. He helped refit the ship and hire a crew. He also suggested that the name of the ship be changed as The Princess Ark was a legendary ship. It was re-christened the Artful Garnet and became the party’s mobile base of operations.

The City of Brass

On a trade voyage the Artful Garnet was tasked to deliver some cargo to the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire. Once there, the crew became involved in the politics of the Djinn. One noble to a liking to Ely and had Rykon, Dakon, and Ely captured. He offered to let them go if they would play him in a game of Three-Dragon Ante (a popular card game found on the planes). The crew beat him solidly. He wagered one last hand as a winner take all. He bid a wish for each of them if they won. If he won he got to keep Ely. Ely agreed and they all played the hand. The djinni lost even after attempting to cheat. Enraged, he still honored his bargain and granted Rykon and Dakon their wishes. However, he turned the wishes on them. Rykon was shunted off to to the top of Mt. Celestia and DAkon was turned into a fire-vulnerable troll. Before the djinni could turn her wish against her, Ely wished for Dakon to be teleported back to the Artful Garnet, hoping he would bring Sagramor as reinforcement. Without a wish to bail her out Ely was forced into the Djinni’s harem. Ely was forced to endure this humiliation for several days until the rest of the crew showed up and rescued her. By that time she had discovered a revenge better than death for the djinni. She and the crew devised and successfully implemented a scheme that would destroy his reputation among the other nobles. The scheme worked so well that the Shah had him imprisoned and the crew granted unlimited trade papers with the City of Brass.

The Tomb of Horrors

Sometime later, the crew were shopping in the Grand Bazaar of Tradegate when a fortune teller caught their attention and led them into her tent. Once inside, the fortune teller and her tent disappeared and all that remained was a dark empty corridor. They soon learned that they had been tricked and pulled into the Tomb of Horrors, the legendary tomb of an ancient demi-lich called Acererak. His tomb was devised as the ultimate series of traps. Many adventurers who ventured in never came out. The party met several other adventurers who had been brought here against their will. By the time the party made its way down to the inner chamber of the tomb a couple of the other adventurers had been killed by Acererak’s traps. But it was his final trap that dealt the party its hardest blow. A portion of Acererak’s essence remained in his jewelled skull. The skull lashed out and disintegrated, turning her body into dust. Her soul had been imprisoned in one of the ruby eyes. The party gathered her belongings and remains in hopes that they could someday restore her. It is believed that Acererak lives and only defeating him will release the lock on her soul’s prison.


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