Voyage of the Artful Garnet

Return to the Tomb of Horrors Pt.1

Sigil to Kalastrand: In search of Desatysso

After receiving information regarding a deeper Tomb of Acererak, the crew of the Artful Garnet set out to track the demi-lich down. According to information they gained from Dawnat Sanp, the ambassador of Orcus, the gems that contain their friends’ souls are directly linked to Acererak’s phylactery as part of a complex scheme to elevate the lich to godhood. The final location of the phylactery is unknown but a scholar named Desatysso discovered that Acererak had a deeper tomb, possibly a fortress on the edge of the Negative Energy Plane called the Fortress of Conclusion. Desatysso believed that the way to reach the Fortress was hidden somewhere in the original Tomb of Horrors. The last information that the crew could find was that Desatysso planned an Expedition to the Tomb with an adventuring group led by someone named Falon T’Selvin.

The crew tracked down Desatysso’s home plane, a material plane called Oerth, and journeyed to his hometown of Kalastrand. In Kalastrand they asked around for Desatysso and Falon T’Selvin and managed to find out that T’Selvin had returned to Kalastrand after the expedition. Unfortunately, he returned only to be buried by the two survivors of the expedition. One of them, a hulking brute named Grunther, was found at Falon’s graveside. Grunther explained that only he and the party’s cleric survived but even they were not unscathed. Grunther lost his arm in the mouth of The Devourer, an insidious trap in the Tomb of Horrors that houses a Sphere of Annihilation. He explains that the cleric can be found in a small town to the south called Pitchfield.



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