Voyage of the Artful Garnet

Return to the Tomb of Horrors Pt. 3

Back to Sigil: The Artful Garnet... and Skall?

Throughout the next week Dakon, Sagramor, and Windchaser continued to fight off the wight infestation in Pitchfield. Though Dakon’s brute strength made quick work of the numerous wights that rose every night, the three of them began to wonder what had become of their friends who went back to Sigil.

Rykon, Kylie, and Finder returned to Sigil and began to gather equipment that would help fight off undead creatures. Though they managed to find a few things in the Grand Bazaar, the majority of items that dealt with actually combating undead could only be obtained from the Dustmen, the undertakers of Sigil. The three adventurers made their way to The Mortuary to bargain for these items.

Once in The Mortuary, Kylie noticed a human man that looked surprisingly like The Dustmen’s former leader Skall. Skall had been banished from Sigil by the Lady of Pain, along with most of the Factols, or leaders, of the Factions that used to control the politics of the City of Doors. Unable to believe that Skall truly had returned, Kylie and Rykon stealthily followed him to see what he was up to. They followed Skall down into the depths of The Mortuary where there once were many portals to ferry the dead of Sigil to the proper planes. Many of these portals had been shut down or scrambled by the Lady of Pain at same time as the banishing of the Factols.

Skall made his way to a new door labeled simply “Unknowns.” After he entered, the two rogues ran back to



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