Voyage of the Artful Garnet

Return to the Tomb of Horrors Pt. 2

Pitchfield: An Undead Presence and Desatysso's Journal

The Crew of the Artful Garnet rested for the night before heading south to Pitchfield. During the night Dakon spotted a pale face hovering outside the window to their room. The face turned into a mist that seeped into the room and made its way towards the resting Sagramor. Dakon awoke the party just as the mist formed into a humanoid in black leather armor. The creature stopped before it could attack Sagramor and hissed at Dakon before it turned back into mist and flew out the window. Finder was able to identify the creature as a vampire.

On the trip to Pitchfield the crew rode through a small village that appeared to have been ransacked. The only clue was the Sign of the Devourer scratched into the side of a barn. The crew chose not to linger and pressed onward.

Once they arrived in Pitchfield they were met by a mass exodus of townsfolk determined to escape an apparent plague in the town. Finder calmed the townsfolk down and the crew gave their horses to aide the evacuation. They then set out to find Sather, the cleric from Desatysso’s expedition. Grunther led the crew to a nearly falling-in two story building. Only finder and Grunther journeyed up the stairs to meet with Sather. The priestess, now an old woman, spat at the name Desatysso. She explained that his expedition caused her to lose faith in her god and ruined her life. She gave up Desatysso’s Journal, glad to be relieved of the thing. Finder took the journal the rest of the crew and volunteered to teleport Grunther and Sather back to Kalastrand for their safety in case there really was a plague.

After Finder left, some of the crew chose to find an inn and study the journal while the rest went to investigate the plague. They discovered that twenty townsfolk had died under mysterious causes in the past month and that just today Count Hazendel, ruler of this area, and his family had disappeared. Those studying the journal discovered that Desatysso’s Expedition discovered the Tomb of Horrors in a skull shaped hill far to the south in the Vast Swamp. They also learned that, once inside the Tomb, Desatysso found the gateway to the next part of Acererak’s Tomb and abandoned the expedition party to their doom.

Rykon, Kylie, and Dakon made a horrible discovery when the twenty dead townsfolk rose from their graves as wights and began to attack the town. Dakon ran back to the inn for backup while Rykon and Kylie held them off. A fierce battle ensued and Finder appeared just in time to help out.

Afterwards, it was decided that a trip into the swamp on foot with undead roaming the area would be too dangerous. The party decided to divide up. Rykon, Kylie, and Finder would teleport back to Kalastrand and use the portal there to go back to Sigil for provisions and the Artful Garnet. Dakon, Sagramor, and Windchaser would stay in Pitchfield and help with any remaining wights.



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